Resolution Services is a GSA-approved expert in investigating and resolving discrimination cases. We also consult and train your team in EEO best practices.

Workplace conflict is costly. We can help you bridge the risks.

Workplace conflict is costly to the parties involved, to coworkers, to teams and organizational units, to clients and to the overall work environment.

Unfortunately, workplace conflict is also inevitable. It is how you manage this conflict when it does occur that is most important. In fact, there are times when conflict can actually be beneficial to the workplace such as when it brings the parties from opposite sides of an issue together to improve working relationships. The process of recognizing and working through conflict can help improve an organization.

Our Mission:

At Resolution Services, LLC, we help federal government agencies manage conflict in the workplace, particularly claims of employment discrimination. We help PREVENT, RESPOND to, and RESOLVE EEO complaints before they go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

We PREVENT harassment and discrimination in the workplace through our Training Seminars. Oftentimes, training on topics such as harassment or disability, help both managers and staff to better understand the law under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

We RESPOND to claims of discrimination, reasonable accommodation, harassment and retaliation through our EEO investigation services. We can also help employers respond to claims of harassment outside of an EEO complaint by conducting an administrative investigation.

We RESOLVE EEO claims and other workplace disputes through our nationwide Mediation Services and Final Agency Decision writing.

Workplace conflict is costly to the parties involved, to coworkers, to teams and organizational units, to clients and to the overall work environment.

Why Hire Resolution Services?

  • Your agency should hire us because we are the best at what we do! We hire only the best staff and we have the best organizational structure to ensure quality, impartial EEO services to U.S. government agencies. In 1999, we organized our firm to ensure quality services by deciding to hire employee EEO Investigators and Counselors only, not sub-contractors. This enables us to enjoy a greater amount of training and supervision over our staff than would be allowed in an independent contractor arrangement.

    Because we work so hard at ensuring quality, we have enjoyed long-term relationships with our clients. In fact, we won’t just provide the listed services, we serve as our clients’ consultants as well. We share ideas when we think a process can be improved. We discuss and brainstorm answers to difficult issues that arise. In essence, we become an important part of our client’s team as we work together in processing EEO complaints.

  • We specialize in:


Our People Make the Difference

  • The quality of our staff is reflected in their knowledge and experience. We hire experienced EEO professionals only to serve as our EEO Investigators and Counselors. In addition, we require that our Final Agency Decision writers be licensed, experienced employment law attorneys. Our mediators must have at least five years of mediation/facilitation experience to work for our clients. We believe these requirements are critical in offering you the best service possible.

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Our Services


    We have earned the reputation for being the "when quality counts" firm for EEO investigations. Everything we do is with an eye on quality, timely, impartial investigations. We use employee investigators only, not sub-contractors, to ensure our staff members are properly trained and supervised.

    In addition, by having them as our employees, we can manage their caseload so they do not get too bogged down and unable to meet important due dates or let quality slip.

    In addition, we adhere to the highest ethical standards to ensure impartial services. We hire only experienced EEO professionals who have the necessary expertise to handle this highly specialized work.


    We believe the earlier you address workplace conflict, the more likely you are to resolve it. In fact, we have found that many complaints can be resolved if handled properly at the EEO counseling stage. Our counselors are frequently successful at informally resolving complaints. And should the complaint not be resolved, you will find our counselors conduct a very thorough initial inquiry, providing you with the necessary information to accept or dismiss a formal complaint.

    As with all of our services, we will customize our procedures to fit the needs of your organization.


    An employer should not wait until an EEO complaint is filed to conduct an inquiry into allegations of harassment. We understand the importance of an expedited administrative investigation and handle all cases with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

    We will tailor the format of the report to suit your needs, whether you want us to make factual findings or even recommend what, if any, personnel action should be taken with regard to the matter.


    We employ only the most experienced Final Agency Decision writers who stay abreast of the ever-changing employment discrimination laws. We have written Final Agency Decisions for a wide variety of government agencies and will customize the format to suit your agency’s needs.

    By hiring our firm, you receive the benefit of individuals who have many years of high-level experience as lawyers and adjudicators for government agencies, including supervisory Administrative Judges for the EEOC.


    We have mediators located all throughout the country. We hire only those mediators with five years or more experience in the field. In addition, our mediators must have employment discrimination experience. This formula maximizes the opportunity that a complaint will be informally resolved, thereby saving the agency time, money and resources from having a complaint.

    Moreover, our mediators understand how important an ongoing working relationship is and assist the parties to mend their disputes beyond just the present complaint for a more harmonious and productive future.


    Our training staff members are highly experienced EEO professionals, including former high-level EEOC managers, former EEOC Supervisory Administrative Judges and former government attorneys. Our course offerings include both in-person and on-line options. We tailor the training to fit your organization’s needs and specific policies and procedures.

    Here is a sampling of courses we can develop for you:

Our Training Seminars

Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors & Staff

Requiring your employees receive training on harassment prevention is critical for an employer’s defense to a claim of harassment. This shows you, the employer, took reasonable care to prevent and correct any alleged harassing behavior. This can include both sexual harassment prevention training and harassment on other bases training. We recommend at least two hours for this course and would require it be tailored to your organization’s harassment policy and complaint procedures.

EEO Training for Supervisors & Staff

Managers who train their staff members and supervisors on Civil Rights laws and learning to uncover your own hidden bias improves your ability to prevent EEO complaints from occurring in the first place. This course should be on everyone’s training program for career government employees.

Disability and the Duty to Accommodate

What constitutes a disability? What documentation should someone bring forward to request an accommodation? What is the interactive process? What if someone may not meet the definition of having a disability, but the accommodation they are asking for is very small, should I grant it? We have answers to these questions and more for this ever-changing area of the law that often trips up government employers.